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Liberty Counsel
Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman



I am carrying your name into court with me on May 10th as
my team and I face off against Attorney General Eric Holder’s
Department of Justice litigators at the Fourth Circuit
Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia. Your signature
in the Amici Book (“Book of Friends”) is clear evidence
of your prayers and support, which is of inestimable
value to me and my team.

I am asking you, as a signer of the Amici Book and a
faithful Liberty Counsel team member, to take one more
action.  Please forward the following e-mail to 10-20
people who you know would welcome the opportunity to be
part of this historic lawsuit against ObamaCare by signing
our “Book of Friends.”  The cutoff time is next Monday at

THANK YOU for continuing to be a key member of the Liberty
Counsel team!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

Please forward the message below.


On May 10th, my team and I will be appearing at the Fourth
Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia.  Accompanying
us will be an army of tens of thousands of pro-liberty
citizens. Our common objective: to defeat what may be
the most destructive, socialist piece of legislation
ever passed by any U.S. Congress.

I want you to join me there along with over 50,000 of
your fellow patriotic Americans who have already taken
a stand!  Even with just days to go, I believe 100,000
friends who are rightly concerned about the disastrous
healthcare “reform” law will eventually sign our Amici
Book.  So much is at stake!

Defending ObamaCare will be Attorney General Eric
Holder’s extensive team of Department of Justice
lawyers. As you probably know, our case is one
of the leading private-sector lawsuits against
ObamaCare in the country. This court hearing is
absolutely crucial because it may well be the
final stop before our lawsuit reaches the United
States Supreme Court.

This lawsuit is absolutely critical to delivering America
from the plague called ObamaCare! Will you help send my
team and me into this historic courtroom battle with
your prayers and this tangible evidence of your encouragement?

“Amici Book,” is Latin for “Book of Friends.”  I
will carry that book into court with me, and by
extension and prayerful commitment, they will stand
in court with the Liberty Counsel Litigation Team!

I urge you to join with tens of thousands of our faithful
friends in signing the Amici Book, which I will place at
our Counsel’s Table…directly across the aisle from
Attorney General Eric Holder’s team from the Department
of Justice (DOJ). This way, you can join me in that
courtroom on May 10th!

Please take a moment right now to sign the Amici Book
and declare that you will stand with us as the Liberty
Counsel Litigation Team takes on the Obama administration
and Eric Holder’s Department of Justice:

Willard, in order to print and bind the
Amici Book in time for me to carry it into court,
I have to cut off the signature signings by
midnight, Monday, May 2nd. That is less than
a week away!  Please click here to sign the Amici
Book (“Book of Friends”) and join me in court on
May 10th as together, we stand against ObamaCare:

Everyone who stands with us in this special way will receive
a commemorative certificate acknowledging their name is
in the Amici Book and that they’ve committed to pray for
us in our battle to take down ObamaCare.

Please go here to have your name included in the Amici
Book and to see what your certificate will look like:

Willard, signing our Amici Book will unite you in
Liberty Counsel’s cause of defeating an unprecedented
expansion of federal power and the outrageous imposition
of ObamaCare’s unconstitutional mandates.

This is a huge task!  We need an ARMY of supporters to
defeat the U.S. Justice Department and their unlimited
resources.  Please, join with us!

The Amici Book has a single purpose: To strengthen
my litigation team and me in the knowledge that we
are undergirded by the prayers and support of
friends like you as we take on Obama’s Department
of Justice to have ObamaCare declared unconstitutional!

Click here to sign Liberty Counsel’s powerful new Amici
Book and to receive (as a very small token of our
appreciation) your special Liberty Counsel certificate:

My promise to you and our many other supporters is that
Liberty Counsel will continue to do everything possible
to make sure that ObamaCare is struck down judicially,
legislatively, or administratively.

God bless you.

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. Liberty Counsel’s new Amici Book (the concept is called
a “Book of Remembrance” in the Bible – see especially the
Lord’s preparation of a book of Believers as described in
Malachi 3:16) is a way of allowing YOU to be literally
present and part of our efforts to STOP ObamaCare before
it is too late! Please sign the Amici Book now while there
is still time.


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