When They Asked Jeff Foxworthy About Obama, No One Thought He Would Do THIS »

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Jeff Foxworthy has made a name for himself as a comedian and the host of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? He was a member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, during which he showed the public that he is not afraid to express his conservative views.Recently, Foxworthy was asked to tell the public what he thinks of President Obama. Let’s just say that Foxworthy didn’t hold back.He posted the following response to his Facebook page:If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

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Huckabee on Court Clerk: ‘The Only Law She’s Following Is Kentucky Law’

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The Supreme Court can interpret law, but “you have to have enabling legislation,” former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Thursday.Huckabee has firmly sided with Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, who has refused, on religious grounds, to issue any and all marriage licenses since the U.S. Supreme Court issued its controversial ruling creating a right to same-sex marriage.

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Email fro PA Sen. Bob Casey

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Dear Friends,

As a member of the United States Senate since 2007, I have been at the forefront of advancing legislative strategies to prevent the Iranian regime from developing a nuclear weapon. For four and a half years, I was Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Near Eastern, South and Central Asian Affairs. Iran was one of the 32 countries that the Subcommittee covered. I have traveled across the Middle East and had the opportunity to engage with leaders of countries in the region. I have devoted countless hours to studying the region and authoring, sponsoring and voting on legislation on these issues.

Read my full analysis of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on Medium

The vote I will cast with regard to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is a vote of great consequence and complexity. In order to make this important decision, I have done the following: reviewed the JCPOA thoroughly; consulted with experts on Iran’s program, the nuclear fuel cycle, diplomacy, national security, non-proliferation and other subject areas; read numerous analyses and critiques of the JCPOA; received classified and non-classified briefings; listened to my constituents; and spoken to current and former Senators, staff, Ambassadors and U.S. government officials, past and present. In all, since April, I have had more than 40 such engagements, briefings and discussions. To make an informed, reasoned decision on this matter, it is my obligation to consider and assess more than the four corners of the JCPOA. I have considered the impact of the JCPOA on our national security, the security of Israel and the Middle East and the grave question of war and the related issue of deterrence.

After the more than six weeks of intensive review, I have concluded that I will support the JCPOA, vote no on the motion to disapprove and no on a veto override vote if necessary. I firmly believe that effective implementation of the JCPOA, bolstered by other U.S. policies, including a strong deterrence policy of the U.S. and our partners, will be in our national security interest. This agreement will substantially constrain the Iranian nuclear program for its duration, and compared with all realistic alternatives, it is the best option available to us at this time.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is a detailed, technical agreement that is the product of serious, tough, multiparty negotiations. I respect the views of each constituent, expert and official who has reviewed this agreement and reached their own conclusion. Thoughtful concerns have been raised, and I have asked tough questions of the Administration over the course of my review.

I have been among the strongest supporters of the tough sanctions against Iran, which brought the regime to the negotiating table. I will continue to advance legislative efforts that prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, exporting terrorism in the region, and committing human rights atrocities at home.

I will vote to support the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action because I believe it is the best option available to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. It places strict limitations on Iran’s nuclear program, requires robust monitoring and verification measures, and grants relief only from nuclear sanctions in exchange for verified actions on Iran’s part.

We need not, and indeed should not, trust the Iranian regime. Implementation of this agreement may be challenging and we need to be prepared for the possibility that Iran will violate the agreement.

As a result, I believe this agreement must be undergirded by a clear and unequivocal statement from both the Administration and the Congress: we are prepared to take military action if Iran attempts to develop a nuclear weapon. We should also aggressively counter Iran’s nefarious activities in the region.

This was one of the most difficult decisions of my public career. I know that the controversy and public debate over the past few months has been painful for many people on both sides of the issue. It has caused all of us involved to contemplate the futures of our children and grandchildren. It has also re-opened old wounds stemming from the horrors experienced by parents, grandparents and loved ones of previous generations. I have discussed the proposed agreement with many friends and constituents, as well as numerous experts. The intense feelings felt by sincere people, whatever their views, have not been lost on me.

I began my consideration of the proposed agreement knowing that any decision I reached would be perceived as perplexing and hurtful by some of the people I consider to be friends and confidants. No one on either side of this debate is omniscient and no one can predict the future. As with most decisions of this magnitude, time and history will be the ultimate judges of what we do.

I respect the views of those who have chosen to oppose this agreement and encourage them to continue the dialogue about the areas of consensus: ensuring Israel’s security, countering Iran’s support for terrorism and interference in regional affairs and working with our allies and partners to address the many conflicts that are causing instability in the Middle East.

Preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon has been, and will continue to be, one of my top national security priorities. At this time, I believe supporting the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is the best way to do that.

Please read my full analysis on Medium.




Bill O’Reilly: BillOReilly.com Column – Jorge Ramos, Univision’s Port Side Anchor

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Univision anchor Jorge Ramos is a man on a mission. He repeatedly describes himself as a ‘reporter’ and a ‘journalist,’ but in fact Ramos is an activist with a radical agenda. That was made clear again this week when he interrupted a Donald Trump press conference to harangue the candidate about immigration policy.A few facts: The self-proclaimed journalist recently said this on CNN: “Donald Trump is the loudest voice of intolerance, division, and hatred right now in America.” Not to be outdone, his top boss at Univision sent out a photo comparing Donald Trump with mass murderer Dylann Roof.More recently, Jorge Ramos just wrote an article about a scary place called “Trumpland,” where authorities are busy “raiding homes, workplaces, and schools, violating the human rights of millions of men, women and children.” Those rounded-up illegal immigrants, according to Ramos’ fanciful account, are then “held in stadiums or other giant facilities while they wait to be put on buses or planes back to their countries of origin.” Trumpland, Ramos concludes, would be “a twisted utopia of walls and hate.” Wow!

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Trump, Cruz to hold joint anti-Iran rally on Capitol Hill – CowboyByte

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And some rally it will be…..Check this out:Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) are jointly hosting a rally on Capitol Hill on Sept. 9 to protest the nuclear deal with Iran.The event, being organized by Tea Party Patriots, the Center for Security Policy and the Zionist Organization of America, will be staged on the West Lawn of the Capitol, the groups said in a statement.Cruz, the keynote speaker, invited Trump to speak, the statement said.The joint event underscores the strengthening ties between the two Republicans.Trump, the clear front-runner in the GOP primary, has refrained from launching his harshest barbs at Cruz, and the Texas senator has likewise declined to join in the attacks against Trump that have become common among many of their Republican rivals. Instead, Cruz has said he is “grateful” for Trump’s focus on immigration despite the controversial nature of his comments.

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FRANCE HONORS AMERICANS WHO STOPPED TERRORIST: I Wonder If Obama Will Honor Them ⋆ Doug Giles ⋆ #ClashDaily

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Here is what three Americans did to prevent a train massacre a couple of days ago:A Kalashnikov assault weapon with nine magazines of ammunition, a Luger automatic pistol with extra ammo and a box cutter were carried by the man who attempted to attack a packed high-speed passenger train, according to the French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, on Saturday.With that kind of firepower, a massacre might have occurred if three American friends traveling together and a British passenger had not tackled, beaten and tied up the suspect, authorities say.

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» Political correctness: Dangerous abandonment of common sense » Fresh Ink — GOPUSA

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Donald Trump isn’t the first New Yorker to say things in an abrasive manner, but at least he’s being honest about the world as it is instead of the world as we would like it to be – and a lot of folks find that attractive.Donald Trump says: “I think the big problem this country has is being politically correct.” I agree with him.Political correctness is the practice of refusing to acknowledge the truth or the facts of a situation because your words may be considered offensive to some people. This is not the same as being purposefully rude or hurtful although some may interpret it that way.

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Clinton: ‘I Won’t Play Politics With National Security’ – Minutemen News

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Hillary Clinton offered a fierce defense of her handling of the 2012 Benghazi attacks and her use of a private email server as President Barack Obama’s secretary of state, dismissing the controversies as “partisan games” in a speech before influential Iowa Democrats on Friday.“They’ll try to tell you it’s about Benghazi, but it’s not,” Clinton said, pointing to Republican-led congressional inquiries that she said had “debunked all the conspiracy theories.”“It’s not about emails or servers either. It’s about politics,” she said.“I won’t get down in the mud with them. I won’t play politics with national security,” Clinton said at the annual Wing Ding, a Democratic fundraiser in northern Iowa that attracted three other presidential candidates.

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Government Probe Into Clinton Emails Likely to Broaden

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The Justice Department probe into Hillary Clinton’s private email server has so far been limited to investigating whether classified information was leaked during her tenure as secretary of state, but the inquiry will likely widen as authorities take a look at how other former government officials may have been affected.According to NPR, agents will begin questioning close associates of Clinton at the State Department and beyond.”I think that the FBI will be moving with all deliberate speed to determine whether there were serious breaches of national security here,” Ron Hosko, the former head of the FBI’s criminal investigative division, told NPR.

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Obama Looks at Adding Bases and Troops in Iraq, to Fight ISIS – NYTimes.com

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President Obama is open to expanding the American military footprint in Iraq with a network of bases and possibly hundreds of additional troops to support Iraqi security forces in their fight against the Islamic State, White House officials said on Thursday.As Iraqi forces struggle on the battlefield, aides said Mr. Obama would consider establishing a series of outposts where American advisers would work with Iraqi troops and local tribesmen. The bases would be run by Iraqis, and Americans would still not engage in ground combat, but they would play a more active role closer to the front lines.White House officials stressed that no proposal has been presented to Mr. Obama and added that they anticipated no decision in the next few weeks. But the prospect of further escalation came a day after the administration announced the opening of a new base in Anbar Province, an Islamic State stronghold, with an additional 450 American troops, bringing the total in Iraq to 3,550 — the size of a typical Army brigade.

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