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A couple days ago, I received a letter from Dale Robertson, the President and Founder of the ” Tea Party “. This letter contained a survey titled ” The Tea Party’s National Survey on the Bush/Obama Spending Spree. ” Of course, I read the survey. The first thing that leaped out at me was the first question had nothing to do with the subject matter of the survey. ( not that I’m surprised by this, I am familiar with the workings of political rhetoric ) After I finished reading the survey, in its entirety, it struck me that five out of the thirteen questions were off point. Perhaps that is simply my interpretation of the document itself. I don’t know, I would have to post the survey in order to get feedback. I’m not sure I’m willing to take the time to do that. The second thing I noticed was the section that asks for contributions. It specifically states ” Yes, I will help underwrite the cost of this nationwide survey of the American people with my contribution in the amount of: ” the amounts range between $25 and $2000. The second option is ” No, despite the importance of this project, I cannot lend my financial support at this time. ” The next statement says ” Please try to send at least $9 to cover the cost of processing and tabulating your SURVEY. ” Not to state the obvious, but, it strikes me that political organizations, regardless of their affiliation, should be required to pay for their own survey taking ventures. The people participating in the survey spend their valuable time reading and responding to this stuff but get nothing for their time, so, why should they pay someone for it? Not to mention the fact that these organizations represent a broad spectrum of ideas and values, some of which may not be a true representation of your opinion.

The bottom line here folks, is this: Your opinion is valued by these organizations for one reason; MONEY! Your contributions sustain these organizations. Your opinion is nothing more than a means to get your money and to get other people to give their money. Let me offer this piece of advice: if you have an opinion on an issue, don’t trust some fly by night political organization to make your point for you. It does not cost anything to email your representatives in either the Senate or the House of Representatives. It is also free to email the White House. You have a voice, use it yourself!


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