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On Thursday, my boss approached me and made a statement to this effect; He said ” you’re probably not happy about Bush being out “. Obviously he was referring to Pres. Bush no longer being in office. I said something to the affect of Bush protecting America from terrorist attacks by pursuing terrorists throughout the world. His response was ” That was the least he could do. ” Ok, the least Bush could do after 9/11 was pursue those responsible for killing nearly 3000 people. Lets look back at Bill Clinton’s record in that area. In 1993, 2 U. S. Blackhawk helicopters were protecting a U. N. mission were shot down, nineteen servicemen were killed and their bodies were dragged through the streets of Mogadishu, Somalia. Bill Clinton didn’t do a damn thing about it. The Clinton record in that area gets worse. Toward the end of the Clinton Presidency, Osama bin-Laden’s whereabouts were known to a foreign government and was within that government’s grasp. Bill Clinton received a phone call inquiring about what should be done. Problem was, President Clinton was on the golf course and did not take the call. If he had, perhaps nearly 3000 people would still be alive.

The point to this is Liberals like my boss assume Republicans like myself believe everything about this country was fine under George Bush. The truth is , it wasn’t. That should be fairly obvious. What I believe is this country needs a balance between foreign and domestic policy. Under Bush, we had a strong foreign policy but a weak domestic one. We need to balance the scale and, at the same time, not compromise our resolve to protect America and her people from their enemies.

On Friday, I had another conversation with someone else from work. This person took the position that George Bush and the rest of the idiots in Washington were not solely to blame for the problems of this country. ( I’ll try not to let his mother know he said that ) . His opinion is there is enough blame to go around for everyone. He believes that ( and this is a direct quote ), ” over time, Americans have become dumber and dumber. ” He’s right. I will also add we have become complacent and lazy. I offer myself as the prime example of this. I am a talented writer with an amazing ability to take one character or an idea and develop it into a story that is original and entertaining. Do you know what I do for a living? I work in the produce department of a supermarket. Thats right, I put out bananas for an ungrateful clientele who on Monday wants green bananas and on Tuesday wants yellow bananas. That is not the fault of the President of the United States. That is my fault.

Earlier I spoke about complacency. Let me give you an example. Jimmy the chip guy comes home from work, flips on the tube ands sees a story about a major problem affecting this country, the slant on the subject is the opposite of Jimmy’s opinion. This outrages Jimmy. His course of action is to turn on the Rush Limbaugh show and live out his outrage through Limbaugh instead of writing a letter or an email to congress or the White House. This complacent attitude is present in all parts of society. I’ll give you an example from work ( Hell, if I keep this up, I won’t have to worry about the banana people anymore. LOL ), My assistant manager walks into the cooler and says ” I cringe every time I walk into this cooler ” ( and he probably should ), Then, he turns around and walks out; not bothering to take any steps to correct any problems he sees. He is content to allow the situation to get worse or let someone else ( me ) deal with it.

What is the point of this article? The people of this country, egged on by the media, elected Barrack Obama President based on his platform of ” hope and change “. These people believe that somehow their lives will magically be changed and saved by this man. Let me dispense with that myth right now. Barrack Obama cannot change your life. The only person who can change your life is you. Trust me when I tell you Obama’s Chicago posse isn’t going to magically appear at my place of employment and straighten the cooler out. They will not tell ………. that I like her and ask her out for me thereby improving my life. The only person that can do that is me.

The bottom line is, George Bush increased the size of government and the its spending, look at the mess we’re in. You tell me how Obama making the government bigger and spending even more money is going to fix it.


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