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This morning, while enjoying my coffee, I opened an email from It contained a link informing us about the Democrat’s 26-page proposal on immigration which includes a link to the 7 highlights of the bill. Which, I , of course, followed and proceeded to read. As with all legislation, it has good points and not so good points. I will not address them here as that is not the point of this particular article. Just a little while ago, I opened an email from ” Patriotic Resistance ” ( not really feeling it necessary to explain what that organization is ). It contained a letter from Steve Elliot of Grassfire Nation, an organization I am associated with. I have been known to post emails and articles from them in the past. Today will be no different. I will post the email eventho I know it is total crap! I simply want the followers of to fully understand that I do not, will not and can not blindly follow the idiotic rantings of either side of the aisle. I am a free thinker who will tell it the way it is. After posting the email from Patriotic Resistance I will post the 7 points of the Democrats immigration bill.

A message to all members of Patriotic Resistance

From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation

Dear Patriots:

Sunday on ABC, Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano
said Arizona’s new immigration law is a “cry of frustration…
that will only be solved with comprehensive immigration

Just days before Sens. Schumer, Reid and Menendez floated
what is being called a “draft version of planned immigration
reform that includes stepped up border security and an
amnesty component.”

Meanwhile, radical amnesty groups are continuing to exert
great pressure on the Obama Administration to “land the
plane” on comprehensive immigration reform.

Even though word out of Washington is that there
is no real plan to move ahead with immigration reform, it’s
obvious that behind the scenes the battle plan is being
drawn up for yet another blistering run at widespread
amnesty for 12-20 million illegal aliens living in the U.S.

+ + Illegal is still illegal

Even though the media would have you believe that Americans
are outraged over what is currently happening in Arizona
what isn’t being reported is the fact that illegal entry
into the U.S. is still illegal; and that Americans want
the borders secured.

A just released Gallup poll reports that 9 out of 10
Americans want our borders secured this year, yet the
plan released by some of the nation’s leading Democrats
makes no such promise.

That’s because the outrage in Arizona and around the nation
has nothing to do with “securing our borders.” It does however,
have everything to do with votes.

Amnesty means millions of new voters to support liberal
causes and social programs. And with mid-term elections
a scant six months away, Democrats are getting ready to
launch a comprehensive amnesty plan that if passed would
preserve the political future of the Democrat party.

That’s why it is so important that we take immediate action!

Here are the seven points of the bill:

  • * Enforce borders: The lawmakers plan to increase the number of border patrol officers and provide them with better equipment to detect fraud and smuggling. They also want to install ground sensors throughout the southern border to make it easier to detect illegal border crossing.
  • * Free up jails: The proposal calls for the deportation of illegal immigrants currently detained in federal and local prisons. Going forward, judges should minimize detention when possible.
  • * Verify workers: The Social Security Administration would begin issuing fraud-resistant social security cards that include a unique biometric identifier. Employers would have to verify work authorization using the new biometric system.
  • * Fine employers: Companies that knowingly hire illegal immigrants would face greater fines. Employers would no longer be able to deduct the wages of unverified workers from their tax returns.
  • * Legalize immigrants: For the 12 million illegal immigrants already living in the United States, the proposal creates a path to citizenship. A person would begin by passing a criminal background check and paying pending fees and taxes. Eight years later, they could apply for legal resident status by demonstrating, among other things, English-language skills.
  • * Legalize spouses: The lawmakers plan to give legal resident status to what they call “permanent partners” of U.S. citizens. They also plan to address immigration benefits for widows, orphans, and adopted children of U.S. citizens.
  • * Amend visas: Foreign students who have or seek to attain U.S. degrees could apply for green cards, and foreign workers with visas could attain legal residency. A new provisional visa would be created for low-skilled workers, but employers would be encouraged to hire U.S. citizens before foreigners.

After reading the Immigration Bill and the email from Patriotic Resistance/Grassfire Nation, I faced a dilemma, do I let the deception by these organizations pass without contention or, do I expose it? The answer really was clear from the start, a deception by any other name, is still a deception. To blindly follow a snake into a hole is suicide; to be blindly led around by the nose, is the same.

The American people, at some point, must stand up to the politicians of this country, the media, and the political organizations, both on the right and the left, and let them know we are tired of being lied to and taken advantage of for the purpose of political advantage and supremacy. None of these organizations, or the people associated with them have the best interests of this country at heart. It is time to use our own voices, not the voices of Patriotic Resistance, Grassfire Nation and whatever other organizations there are out there to make America the great country it should be; because, it is the people of America that makes America great!


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