America Needs Barrack Obama to Be One and Done!

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Thats not a difficult question to answer.  First of all, he promotes racial division in America by creating ” class ” warfare.  He does this by blaming the predominantly white upper class for what is wrong with America, using rhetoric about the amount of taxes the ultra rich don’t pay thereby giving the illusion of of a higher burden being placed on the middle and lower classes; the lower class historically being minorities. The second way he does this is through his co-conspirators, the liberal media.  The media spins what he puts out there to such a degree it makes people question the motives and bias’ of people who simply have a difference of opinion, to such a degree it causes the question of racism to be brought to the foreground.  For example, a  family member questions another family member’s objection to Obama speaking to young children who, were not old enough to comprehend why the President was there or what he was talking about.  The third thing, throughout his term, we have seen him, on several occasions, interject himself into police matters, one of which involved a black civilian and a white police officer.  another which involved the tragic shooting death of a young black male by a neighborhood watchman in Florida; if memory serves me correctly, Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States also became involved. This garbage promotes racism,and divides our country.

The second reason Obama needs to go is this: He has absolutely no respect for our constitution.  He demonstrated that when he and the democrats in congress, ignored the will of the masses when they passed Obamacare. Over 70% of the American people were against it.  What made it worse was the fact that the 2000+ page bill was put together during secret meetings and details were not released to the public and, most members of congress did not read the entire bill before voting on it. In my opinion, there needs to be an amendment to the constitution making it mandatory for every congressmen, in both houses, and the President, to read every page of every piece of legislation before voting on it and signing it.  Another example of this disrespect is that he has bypassed the authority and responsibility of congress to develop and pass legislation on various issues by issuing ” executive orders ” to change existing laws.  The President does not, can not and should not  have the power to do that.  Third, he challenged the separation of powers spelled out in the constitution when he questioned the Supreme Court’s authority to determine the constitutionality of legislation signed into law because the Court is appointed and not elected.  In my opinion, that is a serious breach of our constitution.

Third, he has proved himself to be a fiscal liability to the people of this country by spending taxpayer dollars on failed alternative energy development programs instead of developing and cultivating our natural resources to cut down our dependency of foreign oil.  He has also stopped the building of the Keystone Pipeline which would have resulted in the flow of Canadian oil to our refineries in multiple destinations in the United States, which include refineries in Illinois, the Cushing oil distribution hub in Oklahoma, and proposed connections to refineries[2][3] along the Gulf Coast of Texas. ( wikipedia ) This turn of events cost the American people an estimated 20,000 sorely needed jobs; a fact that should not be overlooked. Ironically, this was a deal he, Obama himself, brokered with the Canadians.  At last report, Canada was considering a proposal from China to buy that same oil.  We cannot allow that.

Fourth, Obama awarded a defense contract to Brazilian firm over American firms which, once again, cost the American people jobs. The irony about that is, he is currently flapping his yap about Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney shipping jobs overseas while he ran Bain Capitol. Is that not the pot calling the kettle black?

Fifth, he has expanded the size and scope of the federal government by adding more federal jobs and, at the same time, not doing a single productive thing to promote job creation in the private sector.  Businesses are not developing new products, manufacturers are not putting those products together, sales oriented companies don’t have products to sell, ergo, we have an unemployment rate that has been over 8% for the last 42 months.  Obama’s solution is to raise taxes, throw good money after bad to research failing energy possibilities while not developing what we already have, and, ship jobs to foreign countries. Great plan Mr. President!

Sixth, ( I almost forgot to mention this ) this President has failed to protect America’s border with Mexico from the influx of illegal immigrants, both criminal and noncriminal elements.  In fact, he is attempting to grant amnesty to 1.8 million illegals age 30 and under. Admittedly, I do not know the particulars, however, I do know this, we have federal laws in this country that are supposed to protect America against illegal entry into this country, those laws are no longer being enforced due to a directive from the President.  I also know there are not enough jobs in this country to support this action which means, an increase in the welfare rolls which will further tax an already bloated system. We currently do not have the means to take care of our own, now we have to take care of Mexico as well?  There is something radically wrong with this picture.

Those are just 6 reasons why this guy needs to be sent packing in November.  he has not been good for the whole of America.  This country needs a leader who will put the needs of the American people ahead of what his ideology dictates.  Do I believe Mitt Romney is that leader? Not necessarily, however, after experiencing nearly 4 years of Barrack Obama, I do know he is not that leader, his mantra of ” hope and change ” is, for me, HOPE we survive his presidency so we can CHANGE leaders in November.


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