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I’m more than a little tired of corporate america’s idiotic socialist approach to employment. The idea that everyone should get paid equally regardless of the job they do or the amount of work they do is ridiculous!

On any given day, I do 80 to 90% more work than most of the people I work with.  ( its also necessay to note, most of the people I speak of are roughly 30 years younger than I am ). How does the company I work for reward this?  First, they will not promote me to full time status and second, they pay me the same minimum wage they pay the lazy bastards I work with. 

I’ve been with this company slightly over a year, In my opinion, the job I do warrants a more progressive aproach to keeping good workers and, in weeding out those who don’r perform to a minimum standard. 

Now, who is to blame for this ridiculous approach? Look no further than Barack Obama; Corporate America sees this baffoon on the televion telling the American people everyone should  get paid the same regardless of experience and/or  effort, breeds this kind of socialist thinking.  ” Sharing the wealth ” when it is not earned is just wrong!  Paying Will, who does the lion’s share of the work on any given day, the same as you pay employee X for sitting in the lounge or walking aimlessly around the store, is a bad idea! It causes employees who do the job, to resent those who don’t and, it causes companies to lose good employees, putting their business in jeopardy.  Thats the bottom line right there. Management wonders why there is a lack of business but, for some reason, they can’t seem to connect the dots. ( until its too late )

This country needs to get back to the days when a hard days work meant something to an employer. We need to reward those who put forth the effort to get ahead; not make them the object of ridicule by a bunch of public servants led by a meglomaniac who would rather make history than do his job. Enough is enough!


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