" FAIR " is FAIR!

Posted by highlysuspect on February 9, 2011 in politics, Will's articles |

The massacre in Arizona has once again ramped up  liberal cries for a return to the ” fairness doctrine. ”   I’m not going to delve into what happened in Arizona, we all know what happened, well, except the liberals.  They seem to think conservatives like Sarah Palin and the like are responsible despite the fact that the alleged perpetrater  was some deranged man that fell through the cracks and was not considered to be a follower of the conservative political ideology.   Instead, I’m going to outline ( for the liberals ) what a return to the ” fairness doctrine ” should do and. explain why it won’t do that.

It is an absolute given that conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck and others, dominate talk radio.  No one can deny that, however, this is the rub, liberals, and those sympathetic to the liberal agenda, dominate television and network news.  CBS, ABC,and NBC all have anchorpeople who put a liberal spin on political news in this country; add to that, CNN, PBS and others and we have a liberal juggernaut on television news, eventho news in this country, is supposed to be reported without bias.

What should the ” fairness doctrine ” do if it is ever put back into place?  It should  create equality on radio, televsion and in newspaper NEWS reporting.  It should also, probably create opportunities for liberal commentary in all three venues.  This would give the American people a better balance of news and opinion.  At the very least, that is what is designed for. However, liberals have a very  different idea of what the ” fairness doctrine ” should do.

The ” fairness doctrine ” , from the liberal standpoint, is not about creating balance, its about removing dissenting viewpoints. What liberals in this country want is #1- for conservative talk radio to disappear altogether.  They know that even if the playing field is level, they cannot compete.  #2-they want to send a singular message to the American people.  That message being ” Its our way or the highway. ”  They do not like dissention.  Its that simple.

Think about this, network news is currently biased towards the left, the ” fairness doctrine ” would demand that networks add a conservative spin to offset that liberal bias; or would it?  Picture co-anchors with conflicting political opinions on a network news broadcast…..you can’t, can you?   The liberals will never go for it!  It’ll never happen because they are not about fairness.

Here is something else to think about, if the ” fairness doctrine ” is ever re-enacted, not only do we stand to lose a dissenting voice, we stand to lose the right to express that dissenting opinion.  Freedom of speech and expression are the core of the Bill of Rights, If we allow those to be taken away, we open the door for the abolishment of our Constitution.  We cannot allow that under any circumstances.


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