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The firing of Juan Williams by NPR is the latest by-product of the marriage between liberalism and political correctness.  Williams expressed a  certain ” apprehension and fear ” concerning flying with muslims.  An apprehension I’m sure most Americans feel due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  What separates Williams from the rest of us is he went on national television, on a conservative news network and expressed his feelings.  In today’s political climate, a climate which demonizes America for defending itself against it’s enemies, that is strictly forbidden.  The liberal mindset is that we would not have had to defend ourselves if we were more compliant with their beliefs, more sympathetic to their blight and, more tolerant of their intolerance for our culture.     ( Yes folks, you read the last one correctly. )  What that translates to is, America is the bully on the block and we deserved to be the focus of an unprovoked attack by an unseen enemy and, Americans have no business fearing what we caused.  So, people like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Ried, NBC, CNN, NPR, CBS and a boatload of others have decided, much to the chagrin of the rest of America, that we need to bend over backwards to accommodate what these people think, do and say, even if it compromises the rights of the American people.  Anything less than this is considered to be intolerable acts of hatred and bigotry.     That is the reality of America today.

It should be noted that Juan Williams’ feelings of apprehension and fear are triggered  by his perception of what muslims would look like.  It is a perception  that anyone who watched 9/11 unfold could and probably should have.  T o air those feelings in a public forum, knowing the position of the organization he worked for, was ill conceived.  When you add that to past incidents, NPR’s management simply felt it had no choice but to fire him.  That is the way the real world works.

I’m not condoning what NPR did, however, we all do what we have to do in this world; making a business decision is no different than making a personal decision; they are based on what is best for the individual or the organization.


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