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Why is it when republicans disagree with democrats on any given issue, it is deemed to be because of hate, intolerance and racism? The immigration law in Arizona is one example. The Muslim Cultural Center in New York would be another. Healthcare reform, same thing. Those are just a few examples of this crap. Let me give you another one thats a little closer to home. Back in September there was a debate raging about President Obama speaking to grade school children about whatever he intended to speak to them about. ( Its not really important. ) The discussion was taking place on Facebook between myself and several other people. One of the others was one of my sisters-in-law. She had an opinion that disagreed with mine. My opinion being that the President should not be addressing school children. Well, my sister-in-law, for some reason, decided to ask if my objection was because of race; ( the President is black, I am not ). Now, we have known each other for roughly 16 years, give or take a year or two, and yet, she still brought racism into the discussion. Which bodes the question at the beginning of this article.

When did conflicting opinions on any given issue in this country become less about what an individual believes and more about hate, intolerance and race? I have a pretty good idea. Could it have been the day Barrack Obama was elected President? No, no, no. It was the day he became the democrat’s nominee for President. Think about it. After that day, regardless of the issue, every time an opinion came out that did not mirror that of Obama or the liberals, it was panned as hateful, intolerant, racism. All of this crap is fueled by the media who have heralded Obama as the second coming, or, some sort of hero or whatever. The fact of the matter is, its bulls*&t.

I’m not about to quote that guy who some time ago asked ” Can’t we all just get along? ” Its not about that. Its about people living in a free society who have the right and the ability to think for themselves, and, having that right and ability choked by politicians and the media by making different opinions something they are not.

The bottom line is, we know racism in America exists, we all know that, however, not all of us are racists. I’m sure we all have our prejudices, and they do exist on both sides despite the media telling us otherwise.


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