Hillary: Hey, I’ll Totally Bypass Congress On Gun Control If Necessary – Matt Vespa

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We all knew this was coming. Hillary Clinton unveiling her new gun control policies, which included the holy grail of liberal proposals–expanding background checks. Yet, she isn’t just going to throw policies out there for progressives to munch on; she’s threatening to use executive action to get some of them enacted (via AP): Her campaign rolled out a robust set of proposals Monday, including using executive action as president to expand background check requirements. Under current federal law, such checks are not required for sales made at gun shows or over the Internet. Clinton pledged to require anyone “attempting to sell a significant number of guns” to be considered a firearms dealer, and therefore need a federal license. She did not say how many gun sales would constitute a “significant” number. Efforts to require such comprehensive background checks have failed several times in recent years in Congress, where Republican leaders have shown no willingness to even hold votes on efforts to curb access to guns. Clinton’s attempt to circumvent staunch opposition would likely spark legal challenges from gun advocates, as well as from Republicans sure to question whether a president has the authority to act directly. Clinton also said she would support a law to expand the definition of domestic abusers barred from buying guns. She also wants to prohibit retailers from selling guns to people with incomplete background checks, as happened in the June case of a man accused of killing nine people at a church in Charleston, South Carolina. Clinton proposed repealing legislation that shields gun manufacturers, distributors and dealers of firearms from most liability suits, including in cases of mass shootings.

Source: Hillary: Hey, I’ll Totally Bypass Congress On Gun Control If Necessary – Matt Vespa



  • Jay says:

    Actually, background checks do happen for firearms purchased over the internet. Internet sellers don’t conduct the background check. They ship the firearm to an FFL holder near the purchaser. When the purchaser goes to pick up the firearm from the local dealer, all of the required paperwork and background checks are completed. As for gun shows, if you purchase a firearm from an FFL holder at a gun show, you will be required to complete the paperwork and go through any required background check.

  • admin says:

    I am absolutely aware of this. It does however, suggest Hilary Clinton is not. The question is, do we want someone who is unaware of existing gun laws running for President?

    • Jay says:

      I think that she and most other anti-self-defense politicians know how it works. They’re applying a whole bunch of “nuance” to it. I can go to the website of a gun dealer, put my credit card info in and pay for a gun without a background check. In realty, I’m arranging a dealer-to-dealer transfer. Technically, you can say that I “bought” the gun on the internet without a background check. I can’t take delivery, however, without completing the federal paperwork and getting a background check.

  • admin says:

    True. I did a little research on the process a few weeks ago just to see what was out there firearm wise and, to look at the process entails. I’ve been a proponent of politicians having to be completely honest when the open their mouths ( yeah, wishful thinking on my part ) They shouldn’t be allowed to spin the law to accommodate their positions or agendas.

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