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Bad news my friend, this following statement is not true; Ten months before the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld approved an updated version of the U.S. Army’s secret operational Continuity of Government (COG) plans.

Heres why. Bush did not take office until Jan. 20, 2001. 8 MONTHS before 9/11. Rumsfeld was not Sec. of State under Bill Clinton. You know that. I’m not going to buy thats its a typo either. Someone has their facts wrong. sorry

From: Mudd
Date: Oct 7, 2008 11:39 AM

Both are true…They have had this planned for a very long time. Bush is probably going to get ALL of the blame. I agree with your statement but it is being pushed even harder by this administration,whether it is Bush or not,doing the pushing..

From: Cap’n Heffay Dublune (Will)
Date: 07 Oct 2008, 11:55

i wouldn’t be a bit surprised if something was planned, by Rumsfeld, not Bush; if it was Bush, the collapse of the banks was the perfect oppurtunity, he didn’t seize the day. it seems like Rumsfeld didn’t have the man’s support and thats why he resigned in ’06.

From: Mudd
Date: Oct 7, 2008 11:59 AM

I will give you, that the wording wasn’t the best…but yes,it has been planned for a long time and Rumsfeld has been in and out of office for a very long time,which tells me he may not have ever ,really left..

From: Cap’n Heffay Dublune (Will)
Date: 07 Oct 2008, 12:15

maybe not, but he gave up his position of power, once someone does that he is effectively neutered. it would take too much to overcome that. he doesn’t have the support it would take.

Now? Yes…I agree…I was referring to before…Before 9/11..

From: Cap’n Heffay Dublune (Will)
Date: 07 Oct 2008, 12:37

ok. He alway was a sneaky little shit. I think thats why Bush and others forced him out.

From: Mudd
Date: Oct 7, 2008 12:44 PM

They are all in it together…until the right pressure is applied…Now it doesn’t seem to matter what we do..

From: Cap’n Heffay Dublune (Will)
Date: 07 Oct 2008, 12:52

the current danger zone is between election day and inaugeration day. we’re definately going to find who is right.

From: Mudd
Date: Oct 7, 2008 12:56 PM

I pray I am wrong but I already see that we are part of WORLD doctrine…so either way,we may lose..

From: Cap’n Heffay Dublune (Will)
Date: 07 Oct 2008, 13:01

Yeah, we can ” THANK ” Al Gore for that.

From: Mudd
Date: Oct 7, 2008 1:11 PM

He helped…

From: Cap’n Heffay Dublune (Will)
Date: 07 Oct 2008, 13:18

helped? Mudd, the invention of global warming by Gore is the glue that binds the world community! Without it, there is no global catastrophy that threatens all of us! think about it, global terrorism only affects innocent people. What else would affect everyone?

From: Mudd
Date: Oct 7, 2008 1:24 PM

He is but a tool…It has been thought of long before him…Europe and the EU have been working on for a very long time..

Heffay Dublune (Will)..
Date: 07 Oct 2008, 13:35

agreed, but without a tangible device of cement, they’re just spinning their tires in the mud.

Editor’s note: at this point in the conversation, Mudd made reference to the thousands of scientists that disagree with global warming. His comment was that they are being ” silenced “. For some reason, i  no longer have that email. i assume it was inadvertantly deleted.

From: Cap’n Heffay Dublune (Will)
Date: 07 Oct 2008, 13:59

………and thousands more that disagree and voice their opinions. What scares me is teaching this garbage to little kids that aren’t really old enough to think for themselves….they are being brainwashed.

From: Mudd
Date: Oct 7, 2008 2:55 PM

YES brainwashing! It is getting to the point where,parents have little options,other than to fight the system..

From: Cap’n Heffay Dublune (Will)
Date: 07 Oct 2008, 19:39

….and then you add the ” no child left behind ” crap, and you you hear the stories about what goes on, and you have to wonder why the government wants to create a generation of dummies.

From: Mudd
Date: Oct 8, 2008 8:41 AM

I think you are seeing some of what I see…There is a reason to make people stupid and the chemicals in food are helping,just as much…Check out Flouride…It is NOT a good thing and can actually rot teeth..

From: Cap’n Heffay Dublune (Will)
Date: 08 Oct 2008, 16:47

do you remember the movie Dr. Strangeglove? i think thats what it was called, it warned us about flouridation. I have seen some things. no child left behind is a pet peeve because my sisters constantly bitch about the way classes are loaded with kids that either don’t speak english or need special attention.


They want our money but don’t want to use it for children,in a good way…MY PET PEEVE ALSO!…Nazis used fluoride to numb people,in a way…


they don’t want to use our money to benefit us in any way. i’m going to change my focus today ( probably today ) to state politics. just briefly though. I found out something i didn’t know that deserves some press. But i need to talk to my source first.

Editor’s note:  this is an ongoing conversation.  i will add any additional comments as they become available.  as per usual, all comments are welcome as long as they are well thought out, and intelligent.


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