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” I can’t stands it, I can’t stands it no more! ”  We all know who made that statement famous. It is a statement every American citizen should be saying. Why? Thats easy. Our elected officials, people we vote into office, are labeling those of us who are exercising our constitutional rights of freedom of assembly and freedom of speech as terrorists! Let that sink in for a moment. Americans who march on Washington protesting whatever half-baked scheme this administration and congress tries to force down our throats are terrorists. Peaceful assemblies of the masses disagreeing with government policies and legislation supporting these policies have been deemed acts of terrorism by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

This is not surprising. It comes from a party that, quite frankly, whats to control and regulate every aspect of American life. What is surprising is the Republican ( soon to be renamed the ” candy-ass ” ) party has done absolutely nothing about it. Pelosi’s attacks on the American people, attacks our constitution at its core; FREEDOM! They are treasonous.

The Constitution of the United States of America is the supreme law of the land. No one person or group was, is, or should ever be allowed to become bigger than it. The problem is, Nancy Pelosi and the democrats running the show are trying to do just that. With the help of the American liberal media machine, they are succeeding. Some people have stood up and said ” you can’t do that ” , however, no one has backed up their words with action. What should have been done is this, the first time Pelosi called an American citizen a terrorist for exercising his individual rights, the House of Representatives should have begun the procedures to remove her from office. This is not something the American people should have to demand, it should have been done automatically. Republicans in the House showed how weak and disorganized they really are. Democrats showed how biligerant and callous they are. They have the power and they’re going to take more.

Time to draw the line in the sand……..


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