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While cruising the internet yesterday I happened across an article whose headline suggested the popularity of conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh was at an all time low. To be fair, I did not read the article at the time I saw it. I was getting ready for work and simply did not have the time right then to read the article. When I returned home  around 9:30pm, I could not find the article where I had seen it. Which doesn’t really strike me as odd, I figured it was nonsense anyway. However, I have since decided to write an article of my own, refuting the headline.

To suggest Limbaugh’s popularity is waining, quite frankly, is laughable. His loyal fan base of conservative republicans will never decrease. How could it? If you believe in conservatism, you listen to Rush Limbaugh. Its that simple. He has been the voice of conservatism for what, 30 years? Why would loyal conservatives abandon him now? We need that voice, that vision, and the passion he brings to the conservative movement in this country. There is no one else.

Who does not listen to Rush Limbaugh? 1) Liberal politicians who want to waste taxpayer dollars ( our money ) on projects such as ” preserving the habitat of field mice in San Fransisco”, ” a speed train rail between Los Angeles and Las Vegas “, you get the picture. 2) the main stream liberal media, who don’t want Americans to know what is really going on in this country. 3) moderate republicans who want to garner the support of the liberal media in order to have a better chance of getting elected.
I’m sure there is an endless list.

The bottom line is, people who have listened to Rush Limbaugh for the last 30 years, or how many years he has been delivering his message, will continue to listen. Those who believe in the conservative movement will continue to listen regardless of what liberals say or try to do to get him off the airways. That is reality. If you are a liberal, REALITY SUCKS! Live with it.


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