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As luck would have it, the man who allegedly planted the car bomb in Times Square in New York City is a naturalized American Citizen who was born in Pakistan. He was apparently disenchanted with the policies of George W Bush. ( My question is why did it take him 15 months into Obama’s presidency to grow a set and attempt something. ) That is actually a question for another day. I have a more important axe to grind.

We have heard republicans, John McCain, for example, harp on the Obama/Pelosi/Reid Government’s usurpation of our constitution with the whole fairness act thing, the procedural things they did to ram healthcare reform legislation through congress and various other things. Well, now the shoe is on the other foot. Arizona Senator and former PRESIDENTIAL candidate John McCain believes and, flat out said authorities should have waited to read this man his miranda rights until they found out ” what this was about “. Now, I don’t know how the rest of you feel about this, this is my take: It does not matter where this man was born, he became an American citizen, therefore, the constitution applies. First of all, upon arrest, he is entitled to be read his rights under Miranda, second, he is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and all other protections granted by the constitution. For John McCain or anyone else to suggest he is not entitled to those protection is ridiculous. He is an American citizen.

I’m am all for revoking this man’s citizenship upon conviction, however, until that conviction occurs, he is an American and should be treated like one.

The constitution is there to protect all American citizens be they natural born or naturalized. It simply does not and should not matter, American is American. As citizens we cannot allow our ” public ” servants to selectively apply it. If we do, we will lose our freedom. We appear to be headed down that extremely dangerous path.


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