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Funny thing about Barack Obama, he is the prototypical car salesman, smooth talkin and suave with an incredible knack for spreading manure in the hope something good will grow. He was so good at it leading up to election day, it got him elected President of the United States! The question is, knowing what you know about him today, would you buy a car or anything else from him?

He brought his message of ” hope and change ” to the American people and they bought it hook, line and sinker. In the aftermath, we’ve gotten a spending bill of almost 800 billion dollars strong armed through congress and signed into law as a ” stimulous package “! We’ve seen Government ” bail-outs ” of the Banking Industry, the Auto industry. We’ve seen Government takeovers of Chrysler and General Motors using taxpayer money. Thats right folks, we the people, not the Federal Government, own 2 key elements of the auto industry! We are seeing our beloved capitalist society being brought to the brink of socialism.

What else has this President done? He has proposed closing the Gitmo detention center in Guantanamo, Cuba. Which is also known as the place where the U. S. houses terrorists that have been captured by our military personnel. The President wants to move these individuals onto American soil and incarcerate them in American prisons. Bad idea.

The President has called upon the the FCC ( Federal Communication Commission ) to encourage and promote diversity and balance in the media. Specifically, the realm of political talk radio. A realm that has been dominated by conservative talk show hosts Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and others. The President’s plan is to replace conservative ownership with more liberal minded and Government oriented puppets that will distribute his message of socialist reform. Anyone who actual agrees with this idiocy needs to read the Constitution. Specifically, the sections on freedom of the press and free speech.

The bottom line is, the American people face trillion dollar deficits, Government intrusion into all aspects of our lives via its takeover of the business sect, and the infringement of our Constitutional rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Folks, THERE IS NO WAY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH I WOULD BUY A CAR FROM THIS MAN!


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  • Diablo Kane says:

    Dude you are so right. I mean let’s face it people we need a freaking impeachment and fast. We need someone who can turn this thing around. We need fresh ideas and young faces, Someone uncorrupted by politics and someone from the people. Dude run for Pres. :) we need someone who hasn’t even been in politics to take over. Someone who loves this country and will take care of her before any other. But will we get it NO because americans are to stupid to vote that way. And because the press won’t give him or her a chance or even air time to discuss issues. The press has helped elect Obama because they gave him more attention, then anyone else. WHY? because of history. The press actually elected him in my mind because of the history in the making. Demos got more press cause of the woman and color issues at hand. Damn Demos. :)

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