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I recently found out the company I work for, has begun secret random drug testing of its employees. I ‘m saying its secret because there is no established company policy regarding random drug testing. What I mean by that is this, the employee handbook that is supposed to be handed out to employees, does not state any policy on drug testing of employees. Furthermore, there has not been any notification from corporate about drug testing conveyed to rank and file employees of the company. It is not established company policy.

Lets look at the ramifications of this. If what I’m hearing is true, some corporate yahoo, higher up on the food chain than me, can walk into my store and at random, pick any employee to test, without the store’s staff knowing they can do it. ( word of mouth communication does not establish the policy ). If it happens to be me, that corporate yahoo is going to get told this, ” This company has no business drug testing me or anyone else until it establishes a policy regarding drug testing. Until then, it is an invasion of my privacy and I will not allow you to do that. ” Should the person persist, I will give a sample, however, it will not be in a cup. ( and, I’ll be making a call to get a certain ex-store manager’s phone number ). and, the corporate yahoo will need new shoes.

How wrong is this? People go to work, get “randomly “pulled off the floor to  get tested under a non-existant policy! It can not happen in this country, it can not be allowed to happen in this country! We still have a constitution. We still have rights. It is becoming increasingly apparent that we must fight to preserve and protect these rights and freedoms. I’m not saying we have a right to use illegal substances, ( then go to work ), I’m saying we have a right to a certain degree of privacy pertaining to what we do off the clock. No one has the right to invade that privacy.

It is a different story if the policy is established. If the company notifies its employees that on a specific date, a policy of randomly drug testing employees goes into affect, employees are obligated to live with it. There is no legal recourse. Under the current non-existant policy policy there is. They’re leaving themselves wide open for a lawsuit or worse. As a stockholder, I’m appalled by this.


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