The Will of the People

Posted by Raw Editor on July 23, 2011 in politics, Will's articles |

Yesterday, I received an email from ” Grassfire Nation “, one of the conservative grassroots organizations I belong to. This in itself is not particularilly noteworthy as I get emails from them all the time, and would normally read then publish.  However, upon reading the email, which was, for the most part,  standard, benign rhetoric about the proposed ” cut, cap and balance ”  bill, which, was passed by the House of Representatives and tabled by the Senate, and hated by libs nationwide, I came across a segment, near the end of the email, that infuriated me.  That segment went like this, ” Whats next?  One of two things…

Either the backroom deal that Obama and the Big Spenders have
been working on for weeks will pass with tax increases and no
end to the spending and deficit madness,


A second wave of the Tea Party resistance will arise and
demand an end to runaway spending, demand a balanced budget
amendment, and demand fiscal accountability in Washington. ”

The first one, is, again, standard rhetoric and nothing to write home about.  The second one however, “A second wave of the Tea Party resistance will arise ” is, in my opinion, something to look at.  The author of the email, Steve Elliot, who is the leader of ” Grassfire Nation ” is, in my opinion, stating ” the  Tea Party will be solely responsible for meaningful legislation leading to a balanced budget amendment, a reduction of the deficit and, reduced spending by congress. ” Yeah, three bags full!

I have news for Mr. Elliot, no single organization is greater or more powerful than the will of the majority.  In a recent CNN poll, 74% of those polled favored a balanced budget amendment along with spending cuts and future spending caps.  There is no way anyone will convince me that 74% of the American people are members of the tea party! I doubt that the percentage would number a quarter of that.  However, I will concede the Tea Party is not without power and influence in this country.  It has had an impact, no one can deny that, but, to say it will basically, ride in on its white horse, by itself  and save the day, is quite frankly, ridiculous.  What will save the day is Americans, both in the private sector and the Government, ( along with the impact of the voice of the people ) working together to forge and implement new ideas and to unite those ideas with past policies that were successful, and, that made this country what it is.

Americans, as a whole, are familiar with this quote from  John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902), “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”  We saw that come to fruition when the democratic party gained simultaneous control of the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House.  They constantly ignored and usurped the constitution to further their agenda without any regard whatsoever for the will of the people.  In our last midterm elections, they paid for it.  They lost control of the House.  Credit was given to and accepted by the Tea Party despite the fact that the majority of Americans  who voted the democrats out, were not tea party members.  They were simply Americans who understood the implications of allowing one entity to rule unchecked.

The bottom line here is this, we allowed the democratic party to become all powerful and look what happened.  Can we really afford to let some other group  ascend to that kind of power?



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