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The following is a statement that came from the yapper of Rush Limbaugh, the self-professed ” voices of conservativism and reason ” and whatever other egotistical and self-righteous nickname he wants to call himself:

“I hate the fact that this unemployment extension, which is a disincentive to work that’s harmful to the people on it, is 13 months.  Republicans coulda hung in there for six.  Thirteen takes us back to Christmastime next year and — Guess what? — they’re gonna be extended again because Republicans won’t want to be called Scrooge or the Grinch.”

I hate to tell Mr.Limbaugh this but, YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS, BOZO!  Day after day, Limbaugh runs his mouth telling the American people the policies of the democrats have destroyed the country’s economy thereby taking away jobs.  The quote above suggests people who are collecting unemployment compensation are doing so because they want to, not because they have to.  If that is the case, Limbaugh’s credibility in blaming the democrats is completely destroyed. One can not say on Monday ” America has no jobs because of the failed policies of the democrats ” then, on Tuesday say ” unemployment compensation is a disincentive to work thats harmful to the people. ”  Then, what the hell do we all pay into it for?  Yes, someone is bound to argue that people collect for a specified length of time, when that time period expires, in good economic times, that should be it.  However, according to conservatives, these are not good economic times.  They can not have it both ways.

Limbaugh’s statement that republicans should have held out for a 6 month extension of benefits instead of the 13 month extension they agreed to is ridiculous.  People all across America are struggling to pay their bills, mortgages, rent and everything else.  This is the wrong time of the year to play the ” hold out for what we want because we can” card.  The American people should not be held hostage by politics, period!

Once again, I invite anyone with an opinion to feel free to express it.  The usual rules apply.


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