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Republican Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky is running a one-man filibuster in the Senate this week. The bill at the center of his actions is a bill that would provide a one-month extension of unemployment and health insurance benefits for 400,000 Americans. It also includes highway transportation funds. Its a bill that is supported by both parties. Sen, Bunning apparently feels the funding for it should come from cuts somewhere else in the budget.

Bunning is right. The 10 billion dollars to pay for this should come from cuts somewhere in the budget. The problem is, he is not suggesting where they should come from. All he is doing is running his mouth. That, ladies and gentlemen, epitimizes the very root of this country’s problems. Our duly elected ” public servants ” spend their time jabbing instead of punching, and, what makes it worse, is two things. First, the jabs are open handed, therefore, they do no damage, meaning, nothing constructive comes of it. Second, when nothing gets done, they blame each other. Case in point, Senate democrats view the incident as a golden political opportunity to highlight what they argue is a pattern of Republican obstructionism. Something they are also guilty of, I might add. They view Bunning’s filibuster as ” blatant hypocrisy “. Again, something they are guilty of as well. The bottom line is, there is a term for what the Senate is doing. Actually, there are several terms. I will let you choose which one to use.

In the final analysis, the democrats say they can’t stop Bunning’s filibuster. The Republicans are saying the same thing. I know how to do it. PUT A LAXATIVE IN HIS COFFEE! When he has his bathroom emergency, TAKE THE VOTE! stop !@#$%^&*()_+! Real simple.


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