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Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

I’m sure you’ve been reading that there are now
well over 1,000 institutions, companies, labor
unions, and even states that have applied for
and been granted “waivers” from complying with
the mandates in ObamaCare.  Even liberal
members of Congress who voted for this disaster
have now asked to be excused from compliance!
But in just a matter of days, Liberty Counsel
is demanding the BIGGEST waiver of all…that
this outrageous law be STRUCK DOWN and THROWN
OUT!  See my urgent message below – Mat.


The countdown has begun for my team and me in preparation
for the next phase of our battle against ObamaCare.  And
Liberty Counsel’s case against the government’s socialist
power grab is vitally important to EVERY citizen of the
United States.

This national disgrace MUST be stopped from
being fully implemented!

In early May, I will present oral arguments at the Fourth
Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia, against
Barack Obama’s legislative centerpiece, “The Patient
Protection and Affordable Care Act.” The ObamaCare
legislation will be defended by Eric Holder’s Department
of Justice.

++The DOJ has no choice but to defend a losing cause.

Two Federal Judges have already agreed with us in ruling
that the “individual mandate” in ObamaCare is unconstitutional
, including Judge Roger Vinson, who in January ruled in
favor of the 26 states challenging the President’s
healthcare “reform.” Earlier this week, the Department
of Justice filed its appeal in that case.

Make no mistake: ObamaCare IS unconstitutional, but
our adversaries will spare no effort to keep their
deceitful legislative masterpiece alive!

This legal showdown is absolutely crucial!  I
believe ObamaCare and its unconstitutional
“individual mandate” is the most significant
threat to personal liberty to come out of the
ultraliberal 111th Congress – and perhaps ANY

This outrageous law contains all of the essential
elements of overt socialism.  It MUST be stopped
before it destroys our medical services industry,
makes taxpayer-funded abortion a permanent part
of our culture, and bankrupts our already weakened

As expected, the Obama Administration’s political will to
force healthcare “reform” on the American people – whether
it is constitutional or not – will come at an enormous cost
to you and me, America’s taxpayers!

Perhaps the greatest irony of this situation is
that American citizens are paying for the defense
of a law we strongly oppose by an ever-increasing

My staff and I have already poured hundreds of hours of
preparation into this case, but these final few weeks
before the Court of Appeals hearing are the most crucial.
I simply must devote all of the resources at our disposal
to prepare for this case…

…but it comes at a time when our budget is
strained by the demands of many other vital
efforts defending life, liberty and family.  And
then there are our critical grassroots efforts
to impact public policy issues, many of which
will have a truly momentous impact on our culture.

And as you might imagine, Liberty Counsel cannot even
begin to financially compete with the Department of Justice!

Willard, Liberty Counsel’s court date in Richmond,
Virginia, just days from now is a key hurdle in stopping
this disastrous bill before it inflicts insurmountable
damage on our nation.

I’m asking you to prayerfully consider making a special
gift right now, during the countdown to our next crucial
court date, to help make it possible for us to succeed
in this all-out effort to stop ObamaCare’s implementation.

Please, stand with us now, even if you have given to support
our fight against ObamaCare before.  This is a crucial
time in this case’s progress!  Click here now to help
Liberty Counsel DEFEAT ObamaCare in court:

++Battles may be won or lost, but we MUST win this war!

Together, we have been fully engaged in this war against
ObamaCare for almost two years now. We have deployed a
THREE-pronged strategy to win.

Liberty Counsel is: Fighting in the courts; pushing for
repeal in the legislature; and working to defund ObamaCare
through legislative or administrative processes.

Now, we are on the threshold of defeating ObamaCare
in court! Our May presentation is critical because
it lays the groundwork for what will likely be the
final argument before the United States Supreme
Court. And it is imperative that my team
successfully anticipates the Department of
Justice’s counter offensive.

We simply cannot fight a battle as significant as this
one without the faithful and generous support of friends
like you. That’s why your support of our lawsuit is so crucial.

And we must also be able to meet the many other challenges
2011 has thrust upon us.

Please consider a special gift to Liberty Counsel to meet
this critical need by going here:

Together, we can STOP this outrageous government takeover
of the world’s most advanced healthcare industry. Together,
we can save America from being turned into just another
second-class, European-style socialist state.

THANK YOU for all you do as a key member of the Liberty
Counsel team!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


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